Guidelines For Filming

These guidelines are meant to help you prepare for shooting and editing. Don’t hesitate to regularly refer back to them and to keep them in mind throughout the creative process.

1. Pick one character with a strong personality.
2. Show a typical day of work.
3. Bring up relevant social issues including family, work and desires for change.
4. Stay on topic and focus on what it is like to live under the poverty line in your community.
5. Stick to the time limit; you have 5-7 minutes.

How Does It Work?

1. Shoot In Your Community
We invite emerging filmmakers all around the world to give a voice to someone living under the poverty line.

2. Send Us Your Video
Send us your video before the end of 2014 and we will integrate it onto our interactive map.

3. Share and Discuss Issues
React to social issues raised by the webdocumentary and share ideas with our online community.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

Now it is your time to submit, go!

Film students, production groups, documentary filmmakers and media journalists are encouraged to participate. More importantly, if you are passionate about the project, we want to hear about your idea.

We want you to tell the story of individuals who rarely get a voice in mainstream media. Don’t worry if they don’t make “one dollar” a day. This reference point is meant to focus the portraits on understanding the relationship between the value of money, the price of labor and the struggles to afford basic necessities.

Are you ready to join the One Dollar movement? Tell us about your idea and we can help you get started on your project.