What is it like to live below the poverty line in your community?

Our collaborative multimedia project connects emerging filmmakers around the world under a common goal to share unique accounts of individuals living with limited resources.

We will collect these short, five to seven minute videos—produced on a local, grassroots level—and publish them here, for the world to see. The mosaic of portraits will help us learn about transversal issues that affect poor communities as we begin an online dialogue where we can define areas of need and be inspired to action.

We are invite you to join the conversation and participate in our webdocumentary!

Watch Our 2-minutes Introduction To One Dollar

Episode 5: The Guide Boy

By Phally Ngoeum

Chre, 12 year-old boy, is a tour guide. Living on a small mountain known of its fairy tale and Khmer Rouge history, he guides local tourists and earns little money to live. After his mother’s death when he was 2 years old and his sister’s migration to Thailand, he is the sole person to take care of his sick father. Without formal education, Chre knows that his capacity as tour guide is limited. Despite all difficulties, he never gives up dreaming to go to school like other kids, and to become more professional tour guide with better knowledge.

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Episode 4: The Hunter

By Socheata Van

In a small village of Battambang province. Savath, 33, married and father of three children, leaves his house at 3 am every day to hunt rats. We are witness to his daily life, his challenges and his dream…

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Episode 3: Lady Stone

At the feet of giant mountains in Southern Cambodia, in the white dust and under a leaden sky, Nuon does her best to reduce rocks into pebbles and sell them for thirthy-five cents a sack. She used to own land but malaria carried everything away: her money, her rice field and her husband. She plans to seek employment in the capital, Phnom Penh, either working in construction or washing dishes. She would do anything to regain hope.

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Episode 2: Bamboo Cutter

Thai and his wife Ny are bamboo cutters in the northwest of Cambodia near the Thai border. Every day, they risk their lives by cutting and selling bamboo gathered from the worst land-mine zones in the country. With limited options and pressing needs to feed their family, they continue to work, knowing that death perhaps awaits them with their next step.

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Episode 1: Minister of Papaya

Mao Bora lives and works in Phnom Penh, where he sells papaya. With his sense of humor and brightly colored motorbike, Minister of Papaya brings energy to his everyday life, showing us that even the simplest actions can inspire hope.

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Why Should You Participate?

Connect With Filmmakers
This project presents an opportunity for you to connect with other filmmakers and multimedia journalists locally and internationally.

Create For A Good Cause
Bring your creativity to the One Dollar Project and increase awarness about poverty in your own community.

Join the Conversation
Discuss and share ideas brought up through these portraits to help broaden our understanding of global poverty.


Are You Ready To Get Involved?

Film students, production groups, documentary filmmakers and media journalists are encouraged to participate. More importantly, if you are passionate about the project, we want to hear about your idea.

You have five to seven minutes to show us how one working individual in your community copes with poverty. Read More.


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